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The real dangers of college dating

College relationships come and go, lasting anywhere from a few nights to a few years. Some people find their soulmates, while some merely find a person to spend time with. But, no matter the future potential, most college relationships are fleeting. Few people consider all of the possibilities when entering a relationship, especially the possibility of being abused.

We all know someone who has been in a ‘bad relationship,’ or someone who ‘just isn’t treated right.’ We have all witnessed arguments, been shoulders to cry on or helped someone recover after a bad break up. It rarely occurs to the average college student that they or their friend may be being abused.

Recently, the news has been splattered with pictures and stories covering the alleged physical violence occurring in Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship. Violence against women and violence in relationships has become the new hot topic, suddenly becoming an important cause to fight against again.

Sadly, abusive relationships are not merely limited to celebrities. Being in an abusive relationship is not only constituted by physical violence, it rather encompasses a wide range of behaviors.

According to womenshealth.gov, one can be abused physically, psychologically and emotionally through means of verbal and physical interaction. Though physical abuse is generally more apparent and easily identifiable, this is not always the most common form of abuse in relationships, especially college relationships.

Abuse may start with something as simple as one partner being distrusting of the other, starting to accuse them of being unfaithful or constantly monitoring what the other is doing. If one partner starts to be more controlling over the other’s activities, spending habits or friends, it could be a sign that there is not an equal level of power or respect in the relationship, two things that can lead to the success or failure of any relationship.

We have all seen our friends yell at each other or observed their erratic behavior when in a bad relationship, but we rarely consider what goes on behind closed doors.

Paired with the use of alcohol or drugs, any relationship can turn very sour if one of the individuals gains more control over the other. What may start out as a few heated arguments, checking text messages and calls or one partner blaming the other for their problems, may very well turn into stalking, being forced to have sex, being hit or having things like beer bottles thrown at you.

Many people, females especially, are willing to write-off some of the clear signs of abuse as a one-time thing, give the partner another chance or worse, are naïve upon entering a relationship, repeating the ever popular motto, “it’s not going to happen to me.” Abuse can happen to anyone at any age, of any race or social class, and it does not always result in a black eye.

Young people especially need to be more aware of the dangers of abuse, no matter how well they think they know their partner.

There are few feelings more powerful than young love, yet it is one of the downfalls that blinds people into believing that they are untouchable, that the person they fell in love with will never change, never do anything to hurt them.

Just because someone is super attractive, pays close attention to you and treats you like you are the only person on earth at first does not mean that they will necessarily remain that way forever.


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Romance Is Only A Click Away – Online Dating for Valentines

Everyone seems to be talking about online dating! Online dating is the new way for those looking for love. Why is this? Simply put, dating online works! It also gives you the ease and convenience of “shopping” for a romantic match, and then connecting from the comfort of their home.

How does online dating work? First you will need to look at the many dating sites that are out there and choose the one that meets your needs. The good news is that you will find that many of the largest dating sites offer free limited memberships and trial periods.

There are specialized dating sites that focus on your interests or the type of person that you might be looking for. For example, the “millionaire dating-club” is one of my favorite online dating sites. It is is designed for the “wealthy and beautiful people.”

What I have found is that it is really a wonderful social network of educated, sophisticated, and caring people who just happen to be looking for romance, friendships, and buisness contacts. Another dating site that I like caters to those who love horses or “horse dating.” It is the “equestrian dating club.” Both of these dating sites offer limited free memberships, chats, blogs and forums that make it easier for you to connect with other members who have similar interests.

Once you choose a dating site you will be asked to create your profile. Many people will decide if they want to learn more about you the first photo they see of you. Than you will be asked to create your profile. The words and phrases you use on each section of your profile are very important. (I have heard many men say they never read the profiles and only look at the photos.)

In most profiles you will be asked to talk about who you are first. In the next section, you will be asked what you are looking for in a partner. If you are too serious about your profile, or use too many words, the chances are that the person who is reading it will go to the next profile and look for a match who seems like they will be fun.

Online dating can be fun. Take your time and enjoy the journey. Many people are finding the loves of their life with online dating. Your romance is only a click away.

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Online Dating Tips 1-How to start Online Dating

The following online dating guide will help single dating partner through the dating site online.

Of course, we’re assuming you’ve already done to the Lord in prayer over this issue.

Choose Reputable Online Dating Sites

This is where you can really lose a lot of time (and money) if you are not careful. Because there are a lot of waste in the world, it is important to understand what makes a good free online dating site.

Vagr.com offers free memberships, and have good search databases where you can meet the kind of date you are looking for, we recommend signing up for free to get acquainted with the features. After that you go for further online dating.

Write a Great Online Dating Profile

After choosing a free online dating service, you need to write a dating profile that will attract the exciting type of singles looking to meet you.

Two of the most important elements of your dating profile in the body, where you can talk about how beautiful you are, your screen name and photo online.

Why are they so important? It’s simple. Your screen name and photo dating dating are the first things that only dating partner see before deciding whether or not to click on to read the rest of your online dating profile. If you mess up these few people are with you, spend some time for these as attractive as possible.

Identify your Goals

Before cleaning the many dating sites on the Internet, understand what you are looking to achieve.

Ask the following questions will help your dating search process while saving you tons of time: Are you simply looking for a partner to chat online? Looking for a court date or casual and long-term relationships that have resulted in marriage? Does your date to live on site, or are you with a long distance copacedic dating?

Get Educated About Online Dating Safety

Online dating is no longer a taboo subject in the church. Millions of people worldwide are trying online dating because there are many benefits, and they are having wonderful results.

However, like any other dating scenario, there are pitfalls to avoid. Reading about safety dating tips for dating singles will help ensure a great time.

Prepare For Your First Online Dating Communication

Whether you are replying to sombody else’s online dating ad, or you are getting back to someone who has clicked on yours, you need to learn good communication skills.

Good communication is key to any successful online and offline dating relationship. Along these lines, practicing proper email etiquette for dating and learning good conversation starter skills can help you get started on the right track.

Enjoy Your First In Person Date

It’s natural to experience a little nervousness on your first date. In order to ensure things run smoothly, be sure to read dating tips on first date do’s and don’t’s. If you are at a loss over what to do on your date, checking out some creative dating ideas may help get the wheels turning.

Are you a dating single with your own experience to share about online dating?

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