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Send Flowers for No Reason

It’s not coincidental that the biggest flower day of the year is Valentine’s Day, the day originally set aside to remember friends that has evolved into a lover’s holiday. Flowers remind us of Mother Nature at her most lovely, which is always helpful when dealing with romance. Plants are lovely, but not nearly as romantic.

Even though we all know that flowers come from seeds and take work and care – They need to be watered, weeded, fertilized with just the right amount of manure, dead-headed, and so on – a beautiful flower reminds us of the bounty of life and the possibility of artistry. What better symbol than a flower to represent the birds and bees (even Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the beast is transfixed by the glow of a frozen flower that can be melted and brought back to life by love).

Trust me, anything that works on the designated holiday works even better on a random day and is scads cheaper. The bouquet can be hand delivered by you or sent if you’re feeling flush or shy; you can send a dozen roses or a single stem, orchids or violates, seasonal or hothouse. The point isn’t the lavishness, but the thoughtfulness.

Guys like getting flowers too, just ease off the roses. Think about an amaryllis (Called boy flowers by some for obvious reasons) or chrysanthemums or Indian paint brushes or something a bit exotic. The Messages is still romantic and thoughtful and sexy.

Make sure you don’t send the same flowers for birthday, fights, or special events. Roses are romantic, but don’t get in a rut.


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