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Relaxing Your body….

The great thing about emotional stress is this: Because your self in unconsciously telling your body how to respond, it can consciously tell your body to cut it out. Once you decide you want to connect to a quieter, calmer, more centered part of yourself, peace of mind is only a few minutes away.

There is three easy steps that describe how to relax your body….1. Heavy breathing ,2. Progressive relaxation and 3. Visualization. Keep Reading to know detailed about these…


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Every dater’s fears

Everyone who dates feels anxiety or stress sooner or later (usually sooner). After all dating isn’t meant to be doring. In earlier sections, I explain the source of stress and give you techniques for coping with it. I identify the fears experienced by anyone who has dallied in the dating world so that you will know that you are not the only one beset by insecurities and worries.

I’ll say the wrong thing. If you worry that you will say “I See,” to someone with really bad vision or, “I’m in a really foul mood,” to someone who looks like a duck, or make a Freudian slip or burp or blurt out the wrong name when addressing your date, join the club. It happens all the time. Just take a deep breath apologize once, and explain that you’re nervous.

I’ll do the wrong thing. You set your menu on fire by the votive candle; swallow down the wrong pipe and spend the next five minutes choking, gasping, and wiping your eyes; ask an usher for a program only to discover she’s really another audience member who, for some reason, though wearing a black-collared red vest to a play would be a good idea; or mispronounce the name of something on the menu. Everybody periodically makes mistakes – and sometimes very silly ones. So why obsess about it? Relax. You’re human. If your date is cool about it, it can become part of your lore; if not, aren’t you glad you found out now?

Broccoli will get stuck in my front teeth. You could avoid smiling all evening just in case, but what’s the fun in that? Run your tongue over your teeth occasionlly, check the mirror in the restroom, or don’t order anything green. And relax. Better to take your chances with stuck broccoli rather the fidget all evening, unless you’re dating a broccoli bigot.

I’ll get an erection. Most women won’t notice, and if your date does, she’ll likely be flattered. Don’t try spilling a glass of water on yourself as distraction.

I’ll get my period. Only if you wear white – just kidding . The point is, nerves rev the system. It’s natural and normal. Carry change or protection and don’t sweat it. If you’re worried, wear a panty-liner just in case.

I hate my date. You’re going out because you hope to have a nice time and good company. But what happens if your date turns out to be a huge boor, intolerably arrogant, or -eek! – the spawn of Satan. You remember that it’s only one night.

My date hates me. As charming and warm and funny and wonderful as you are, you are occasionally going to stumble across a few people who just don’t like you. As hard as it may be to imagine, that’s life. If you want tips on extricating yourself from this situation with the minimum of pain.

Regardless of what your fear is, try to put it in perspective and then put it behind you. Even the most embarrassing blunders are seldom fatal. Plus they make great stories later.

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Dating Rule #10- find an activity that doesn’t last more than a couple of hours

Brevity is not only the sole of wit, but it is also the essence of a good date. A Neil Simon play, the male lead(Played by James Caan in the movie version) tells the female lead(played by Marsha mason), after a ten minute introduction, that he’s really enjoyed their time together and thinks it’s time to plan a second date. He leaves and knocks on the door. When she answers, the two begin their second date, much more relaxed.

The key is to leave ’em wanting more. If you both had a good time, you’ll both eagerly anticipate date two. If one or the other of you didn’t have a good time, keep in mind that one of the ways to limit the damage is to limit the time. If the date was only mildly troublesome and not prolonged agony, you might well recover and be willing to try a second date.

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Dating Rule #6 Do something that isn’t competitive

Avoid arm wrestling on the first date. Although some relationships thrive on tension, it’s hard to put competitive feelings in a context when you don’t know each other. Even if you’re not competing with each other, how you deal with someone trying to beat you while the date you’re trying to impress is watching gets pretty dicey. And beating someone on a first date means that one of you feels like a winner and one like a loser. Not a cool idea.

I walk fast. For years it was my primary from of exercise, and I still use it to leep in shape. When I say fast, I mean fast. Often, without realizing it, I’ve left my companions no choice but to carry on a conversation with the back of my head. Oops.  The point is that different people are comfortable with different levels of activity. Bear this in mind before you suggest a saturday hike, roller-blanding, break dancing, or bungee-jumping from a hovering helicopter.

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Dating Rule #5-Go to a palce that’s easy to get to

Long car, bus, train, and – god forbid – plane trips may be fun once you get to know one another, but for a first date, it’s really risky, although these trips have occasionally worked out as a way for two people to get to know one another (at least you can talk), you run the risk of using up your tolerance for one another before you arrive at your destination, and then, boy, are you both stuck, whereas, if you’d just gotten to know each other in smaller doses, you may have been okey.

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Dating Rule #3- Do something that doesn’t require new clothes

New Clothes are often uncomfortable and tend to bunch, rip, catch, and get spilled on. Why worry about clothes when there are more important things to worry about, like the brocoli between front teeth or whether your date really likes you or is just being polite. Wear your happy, easy-to-wear, good luck clothes.

If  I ran the world, I’d make sure that on first dates. everyone would wear their oldest, most comfy clothes: women would not shave their legs: men would not buy new after shave: and everybody would be who they really are, right from the get so. Obviously, I’m not in charge.

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Dating Rule #2-Pick The activity that you can easily afford

Don’t try to snow somebody on the the first date by spending bobs and money. First of all, how do you keep that type of spending up? The dangers of throwing money around are that it makes you look cheap later. When you scale back your spending to accommodate your budget, and you never know whether your date likes you or your wallet. Also consider your date’s pocketbook before suggesting an exclusive new restaurant, any formal event, dinner and dancing, or a weekend for two in the Bahamas. Even if you are footing the bill, you don’t want your date to feel like they’s out of yourleague.

I have a friend who likes to rent a limo and take first dates to the opera and then out for a fancy dinner. All this works out to $500 first date. Then he wonders why women are always using him. Puh-leeeze. It’s much better to start small and build so that your date assumes you’re more invested in both of you together rather then showing off.

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Never Ask for a first date for a Friday or Saturday night

These two main , big, serious date nights are too important to place to start. Asking for a first date on a Friday or Saturday is like playing at Wimbledon without a lesson or having ever played on grass or at all. Even people who don’t have dates and haven’t had on for ages are often loathe to admit it to a stranger(And if you haven’t had a first date, you’re still strangers).

Start off with Wednesday or Thursday night, which are nights when people generally don’t have much planned. Also avoid Mondays like the plague. Everybody hates Mondays.

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