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Way #6 – You’re full of Energy

I’m not talking about the kind of energy you feel in the early stages of dating, when you are sure your date is “it” and you’re sure you can float on air. I’m talking about the kind of energy that comes when you know you’ve just hit a home run or your recipe for turnip soup is actually edible or those jeans that were a struggle actually fit or when someone smiles at you on the street on a sunny day and you feel connected to the universe. This is the energy you feel when you accomplish something, and in many ways, allowing yourself to be in love (not fall in love) is a terrific accomplishment. You’ve trusted yourself and another person, and you’re taking the time and care and risks to build and maintain an intimate relationship.

When an intimate relationship works – and has been working for a while – it can truly light up your life. It may not be forest fire, fireworks explosive, dramatic stuff – which is really fun, but really short lived – but it is the long turm, this is going to last and I want to nurture it kind of glow. It may be less dramatic, but it can burn forever.


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