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A review of 100% Free Dating Sites

Way #1- You Actually want to meet the parents

Even if you’re a thousand years old, the idea of explaining yourself to your love’s parents is terrifying: After all, they’ve known and loved the cherub longer than you have, and they’ll question your movies, your intentions, your behavior, your lineage, your table manners, your bank account,  your morals, your intelligence, and your commitment. If you’re willing to put yourself through this kind of scrutiny to move into further intimacy, it’s got to be love – or masochism. I’m definitely willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.


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Dating Rule #4 – Go where you can talk without getting thrown out

I know America’s favorite date is a movie, but if you talk to a movie, I will personally come and haunt you. Not only is it rude to the other customers, but it puts your date in the awkward position of either siding with the people who are trying to shush you or talking with you and getting the usher to evict you both.  See the section “Good places for a first date” for a list of places that are cheap and fun and where you two can chat happily away. When it doubt, take a walk.

Happy Dating!

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Dating Rule #3- Do something that doesn’t require new clothes

New Clothes are often uncomfortable and tend to bunch, rip, catch, and get spilled on. Why worry about clothes when there are more important things to worry about, like the brocoli between front teeth or whether your date really likes you or is just being polite. Wear your happy, easy-to-wear, good luck clothes.

If  I ran the world, I’d make sure that on first dates. everyone would wear their oldest, most comfy clothes: women would not shave their legs: men would not buy new after shave: and everybody would be who they really are, right from the get so. Obviously, I’m not in charge.

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